Maven Weekly

Maven Weekly is my focus: a weekly newsletter keeping subscribers up to date on important mining sector happenings, developments and ideas around macroeconomics and metals pricing, and news from companies in the Maven portfolio. The letter also offers new investment recommendations when opportunities arise as well as notes from trips taken to visit projects around the world.

The concept is to share with subscribers what I am buying, what I am selling, and why. I do not buy before I recommend and I do not sell before I say. I believe in managing risk and therefore recommend partial or full sells when stocks are up. I do not accept money or shares from companies in exchange for coverage.

Once a month the letter includes a Portfolio Status table showing how holdings are faring. Gains/losses are calculated based on the cost base, which is the price at recommendation if no risk actions have been taken and the adjusted cost base if partial sells have lowered the cost base.

I am who I am, and I try to convey that in my letter. To try Maven Weekly on for size, click HERE.


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