Maven Premium

Maven Premium is designed to give active retail investors the opportunity to participate in good mining sector financings. When I find a good financing, one that I plan to invest in, I secure a large allocation and send word to Premium subscribers. I describe the company, stage, people, and the rationale for and terms of the raise. Those who wish to participate are guaranteed at least some allocation.

The rationale behind Premium is that good financings are an important way to increase your odds of investing success. They happen when companies are just getting going and therefore are cheap. They often include warrants. The challenge is that good financings get filled before they are announced, or are impossible to identify unless you know the people and the overall plans.

With my connections I am able to not only learn about good financing opportunities but secure room in those placements for my Premium subscribers. That is why I offer Premium: because I think engaged retail investors deserve the chance to invest like an industry insider.

I do not take finders fees from companies on the amounts raised through my subscribers, because that would incentivize me to offer financings for the fees. That is not the business; the business is to profit by investing in good placements and to bring Premium subscribers along for the ride.

The Maven Letter is included in a Maven Premium subscription.