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Maven Metals is a monthly newsletter that is dedicated to the generalist investor who wants low risk leverage to a rising metals market.

If you see risks rising and returns sliding in the broad markets and want to proactively position your portfolio to profit in these later stages of a global economic expansion and long bull market run, metals are the sector for you.

Metals offer rare value and upside right now. To maximize this investment opportunity, you need an expert on your side.

Resource Maven is that expert:

  • She is a scientist and journalist who has spent the last decade focused exclusively on metals and mining. Through investment experience, site visits around the world, endless self-education about economics and geology, and a strong network of friends and colleagues in the sector, she either knows or can figure out the answer to almost any metals and mining question
  • Every investment starts with a broad fundamental argument combining macroeconomics and metal supply-demand fundamentals
  • If the fundamentals work, it’s on to specifics. Why this stock versus other options? What are the risks? What are the expectations?
  • Gwen invests across the metals sector, from early-stage exploration to big diversified miners. In Maven Metals she explains the lower-risk part of her portfolio. The Maven Letter tracks her higher-risk investments.
  • Gwen is independent and objective. She never takes payment of any sort from companies for coverage.